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    Why automatic series welding machine is popular
    pubdate : 2019-11-15 visits : 1466
      In order to realize the function of power generation, the solar module must connect the single-chip battery to make it a whole. The common connection method is welding. However, if the welding process is not properly controlled, it will cause the phenomenon of false welding, hot spot, debris, etc., which will affect the service life of the components or even burn the components. Therefore, welding is a very important link in the production process of solar cell module.
      The expansion coefficient of copper is about 6 times of that of silicon, because the base material of cell strip is made of pure copper. The solar energy is installed in the outdoor, the temperature changes in dozens of degrees Celsius every day, the change of temperature difference will have an impact on the stress of the welding belt and the battery. Therefore, the poor welding quality will lead to the component desoldering and make the component failure.
      At present, most of the welding methods used by domestic manufacturers are mainly manual welding, which will lead to uneven welding quality and affect product consistency due to the influence of emotion and proficiency. Of course, there are many factors that lead to poor quality of components, including welding time, welding method, solder resist and so on. In order to improve the quality of solar modules, more and more module manufacturers begin to pay attention to the full-automatic series welding machine and the full-automatic single welding machine of solar cells.
    In the past, the welding machine was completely dependent on imports, and the price was very high. A series welding machine with a production capacity of 600 pieces / hour needs about 3 million yuan; the price of high-capacity equipment is higher. In China, because of the relatively low labor cost, most component manufacturers prefer to use manual welding. Since 2010, there have been domestic series welding machines and single welding machines (single-chip welding machine is the first one in China). The price is only one half or lower than that of imported equipment. The superior cost performance makes it possible for component manufacturers to use series welding machines in a wide range.
      Now, the sst1800 fully automatic series welding machine newly developed and produced by Wuhan Kairui Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has realized the production speed of 2 seconds / beat on a single track, and the actual production capacity is 1650 pieces / hour (10 pieces / string). Compared with the traditional manual production, no matter the welding speed, quality consistency and surface aesthetic degree, there is no uneven phenomenon of solder in manual welding. Due to the influence of operation proficiency, physical condition and self emotion on the product quality, the full-automatic series welding machine does not exist at all, and the welding efficiency of components is greatly improved.
      For component manufacturers, a skilled operator needs a long-term training. Most of the post-80s and post-90s young people are unwilling to engage in the work of simple manual operation. Coupled with the increasing labor cost year by year, the annual recruitment will be the most headache for the boss. The full-automatic series welding machine can greatly reduce the manual operation procedure, thereby reducing the production cost of the product and improving the competitiveness of the product.